TMJ Treatment

Neuromuscular dentistry provides many benefits to patients, including; decreasing or eliminating pain entirely, better overall health and longer lasting dental restorations.

Dr. Wally Hassoun uses the latest state-of-the-art technology to diagnose patients suffering from TMJ disorder. He is able to determine if your symptoms are the result of malocclusion, and if so what your optimal jaw position is.


Firstly we use the latest digital technology to scan the position of your jaw to properly diagnose whether you are suffering from TMJ dysfunction/disorder. Additionally, radiographs of the jaw may be taken to help evaluate the condition and positioning of the joint.


Dr. Wally will measure the position of your jaw and determine your optimal jaw position. He will then work with you to realign your bite and restore teeth to this position. We offer patients various appliances for the effective treatment of TMJ but we recommend patients consult with Dr. Wally so he can prescribe the appropriate treatment for you. Once your bite is realigned and jaw is in place, the TMJ pain and symptoms disappear.