Headaches, Jaw and Neck Pain

Do you experience constant headaches, jaw pain or neck pain?

Dr. Wally Hassoun will get to the root of the problem with effective TMJ evaluation and treatment…

If your jaw joints click, pop, grind and cause you pain or you suffer from constant headaches, you may be one of the many undiagnosed TMJ Disorder sufferers. Neuromuscular Dentistry seeks to eliminate your oral pain and discomfort, recapturing the harmonious functioning of your mouth.

What is TMJ?

TMJ stands for the ‘Temporomandibular Joint’. These joints are located in front of each ear and operate as a “ball and socket”. They happen to be the most complex joints in the entire body. To work correctly these joints depend on proper alignment of muscles and teeth to work smoothly.

What causes TMJ?

Most TMJ conditions stem from malocclusion (which basically means a ‘bad bite’). When teeth are misaligned they are unable to support the muscles in the face. These muscles are then forced to sit in a strained position, causing pain in the face, head, neck,  arms, shoulders and back.

How is TMJ treated?

TMJ is treated by measuring the position of your jaw and determining your optimal jaw position. We will then work to realign your bite and restore teeth to this position. Once your bite is realigned and jaw is in place, the TMJ pain and symptoms disappear.