Sleep Apnoea/ Poor Sleep Dentistry

Do you suffer from sleepless nights or always feel tired during the day? Many people are not aware that they suffer from sleep apnoea.

Its not how long a person sleeps that matters but rather the quality of sleep that they have that is important.

Signs that you could have Sleep Apnoea…

What many people are aware of is that they wake up:

  • Always feeling tired
  • With a dry mouth
  • Have a scalloped tongue (ridges on side)
  • Are prone to infection and inflammation
  • Have a painful head neck and or shoulders

How you can find out…

In order to find out if you could be one of the thousands of sufferers of Sleep Apnoea, we would need to conduct a sleep study to confirm. This can be done either at a sleep centre or in the comfort of your own bedroom while you sleep. Night time appliances can be made for suitable candidates that enables them to breathe more freely at night to get a better quality sleep.