Dental Implants

Ready to replace your missing teeth and regain your confident smile? Dental implants are the permanent solution to restore your smile…

At Dentist Melbourne we understand that the loss of a tooth can prevent a patient from looking and feeling their best. Therefore, we are motivated to provide patients with the innovative treatment- dental implants.

The loss of a tooth; due to poor oral health or an accident; can have traumatic affects on the patient. Dental implants are the revolutionary treatment enabling you to replace the missing tooth; re-capturing the aesthetic nature of your smile and tooth function.

Why replace missing teeth?

If you are currently wearing dentures or other replacement teeth; dental implants could be perfect for you! Once a tooth is lost the patient may experience several related problems including;

  • Inability for teeth to perform natural functions, such as chewing and eating.
  • Strain on other teeth, resulting in possible permanent damage.
  • Jawbone will become weakened.
  • Smile may be aesthetically lacking.

Dental Implants enable you to recover the beautiful nature of your smile and the structural component of your teeth. This application is virtually indistinguishable in appearance from your natural teeth and allows patients to consume the same foods as they would have previously.