Safe Amalgam Removal

At Dentist Melbourne we believe that the health of the teeth can have a dramatic effect on the rest of the body. This is why Dr. Wally uses safe and non-toxic dental materials and techniques in all the procedures preformed.

Patient health and well-being always takes precedence at Dentist Melbourne. It is due to our continual dedication to patient health, that our practice is completely mercury free.

Mercury is one of the most toxic substances in existence.

Traditional amalgam silver fillings contain a large constituent of mercury; approximately fifty percent. Exposure to Mercury can lead to numerous, severe health problems and complications.

Dentist Melbourne is aware of the potentially toxic effects of Amalgam Fillings and has introduced safe and non-toxic treatment materials for clients and every step is taken to ensure the removal and disposal of Mercury is correct and safe.

Amalgam Removal and Replacement.

Deficient Silver/Mercury restorations can now be replaced with aesthetically pleasing, safe materials. Tooth-coloured restorations are practically invisible; matching the colour of your natural teeth. This technique not only repairs any dental problems but actually enhances the aesthetic nature of your teeth; making teeth appear healthier, whiter and brighter. Tooth-coloured restorations can have the same strength as natural tooth enamel and are smooth on their surface.